National #PutSolarOnIt Day of Action Is Almost Here — Are You Ready?


SEIA teams up with more than 30 leading environmental and energy groups to promote the National #PutSolarOnIt Day of Action this Saturday. All across America, people will be taking action to turn homes, places of worship, schools, land, and community rooftops into job-creating solutions to climate change.

Teaming up with more than 30 leading environmental and energy groups, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) today announced its participation in the National #PutSolarOnIt Day of Action this Saturday.

Scheduled for the longest day of the year, as well as the first day of summer, #PutSolarOnIt has registered 65 different events across the country, and tens of millions of people are expected to be reached online. All across America, people will be taking action to #PutSolarOnIt — to turn homes, places of worship, schools, land, and community rooftops into job-creating solutions to climate change.


SEIA is urging Americans who already have rooftop solar to go one step further and put solar on their Facebook profile using SEIA and The Climate Group’s innovative I LIKE SOLAR app, which allows people to “solarize” their Facebook profile and show their solar pride.


“With nearly 450,000 residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems throughout the U.S. and 180 million Facebook users, I LIKE SOLAR has the potential to foster a robust community of solar owners to share their stories and connect people who want solar with those who have solar through Facebook,” said Rhone Resch, president and CEO of SEIA. “This campaign has the potential to greatly expand the adoption of solar by consumers in the the U.S., creating new American jobs, benefitting the U.S. economy and protecting our environment.”


The I LIKE SOLAR initiative uses the power of social media and solar energy’s widespread popularity — demonstrated by a recent national poll showing an overwhelming majority of Americans favor more solar deployment — to multiply the power of rooftop solar. Researchers at the University of Texas, Austin found that interaction with a friend, relative, or neighbor with solar can spur someone to “go solar” three times faster.


Other plans for the day of action:


  • Mosaic has just launched a new organizing platform for people to take their favorite places solar, Mosaic Places.

  • Organizing for Action chapters across the country will host a national grassroots day of action at local solar installations.

  • The Alliance for Climate Education will ask thousands of high school students in its national community to submit creative photos of where they want to #PutSolarOnIt.

  • The Climate Reality Project is asking its global network of 6,000 trained Climate Reality Leaders to make community presentations about the global growth of solar on June 21, rallying supporters to acknowledge President Obama for putting solar on the White House, and encouraging its community to share photos of where they want to #PutSolarOnIt.

  • Vote Solar is urging its 55,000 members and its social media network to speak up for innovation, progress, and customer choice by signing the Solar Rights Petition.

  • Interfaith Power & Light will be reaching out to over 15,000 congregations in over 40 states to celebrate congregations that have installed solar, hold solar workshops to help those congregations that want to install solar, and highlight their many solar success stories.

  • The League of Conservation Voters will kick off an educational social media campaign focused on the benefits of solar energy.

  • Sierra Club is organizing events in multiple states, including solar house parties, press conferences, celebrating new installations, and passing municipal resolutions declaring June 21 “Put Solar On It Day.”

  • #SolarChat combined with the female networking and sharing power of Women4Solar will launch a #PutSolarOnIt Twitter competition where every solar-forwarded tweet that includes the hashtag #PutSolarOnIt is entered to win a prize selected by a drawing.

  • The Solar Foundation is hosting its annual flagship event on this day on a sunny Washington, DC rooftop, overlooking the Capitol.

  • WWF is promoting solar at the Chicago Green Music Festival and promoting #PutSolarOnIt to its nationwide membership.

  • Environment America and its state chapters will reach out to their members urging them to put solar on it in their communities and highlight examples of local, state, and national solar success stories by posting and sharing on social media.

  • REVERB will be promoting the day of action and Mosaic Places to help musicians and their fans take their favorite places solar.

  • The Solutions Project will promote the day through its social media and influencer networks, encouraging housewarming (for planet cooling) parties to celebrate neighbors that #PutSolarOnIt.

  • Among others, #Climate, Environmental Law and Policy Center, Green for All, Greenpeace, Iowa Climate Advocates, National Wildlife Federation, Solar Campus Initiative, Solar Wakeup, and The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy will be engaging their communities to take action. Check out SolarWakeup’s Solar Pledge, which calls for the advancement of fair and open policies for distributed solar energy generation.