Nevada Net Metering Cap Approaching – Again


Is the net metering struggle in Nevada about to heat up again? The Las Vegas Sun reports that The Alliance for Solar Choice filed a petition earlier this week with the Public Utilities Commission saying that it expects to hit the new cap within the next 6 weeks.

According to the Sun, the petition states that NV Energy provided inaccurate information during the legislative session that led to the compromise that was reached in May. This amounts to 17.5 MW of unreported solar, bringing the cap that much closer.

As a result of the compromise, the cap was raised by 10 MW. The PUC was charged with creating a new policy by December 2015. TASC agreed to this temporary measure with the assumption that the industry would not approach the 235 MW cap before the end of the year. However, with the loss of 17.5 MW of new installations, the cap is now staring solar installers in the face. With the limit quickly approaching, the jobs and livelihood of nearly 6,000 Nevadans are once again at risk.

Nevada is riding a solar roller coaster right now. Earlier this week NV Energy announced a deal for the cheapest solar to date, at 3.87 cents per kWh. The deal is for energy from First Solar’s Playa Solar 2 installation. This deal could play a role in the resolution of Nevada’s latest net metering controversy.