New Mexico Golf Club Goes Solar


The Santa Ana Golf Club in Bernalilllo, New Mexico has installed a solar carport to provide both shade and solar power. You’ve never seen one quite like it before. 

This is a solar carport with style. Osceola Energy designed the structure to add beauty as well as function to the area. The structure includes several unique elements. From Spanish-style steel corbels and a minimalist racking design to locally-sourced hand-blown glass emblems, LED energy-efficient lighting and a custom paint job, the carport fits in beautifully with its surrounding buildings.

“We chose Osceola Energy because of its focus on aesthetics, as well as its extensive knowledge of solar energy systems,” Derek Gutierrez, director of the Santa Ana Golf Club, said about the facility’s decision to “go solar” with the New Mexico-based EPC. “Integrating renewable energy is important to us; it’s part of our commitment to environmental sustainability in New Mexico.”

The 250 kW (DC)  installation makes Santa Ana Golf Club New Mexico’s first solar-powered golf club. The carport is expected to offset 95% of the facility’s power usage and save the club over $2 million in electricity costs. All this while providing protection from the elements and adding beauty to the surroundings.

“Our fundamental belief is that renewable energy systems should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing,” said Christopher Fortson, Marketing Director at Osceola Energy. “All too often we hear that ‘solar is ugly,’ and we stand to challenge that perception. Our motto is ‘solar so beautiful, you’ll want to show it off.’”