New Poll Shows Coloradans Support Solar Net Metering


How many polls do we need to show that Americans support solar and net metering?

In case anyone still needs convincing, more of these polls keep coming out. From Maine to Hawaii, Americans are showing their love for solar.

Now, a new poll has found that 74% of Colorado voters would vote Yes on a ballot measure protecting solar net metering. Respondents expressed overwhelming support for a potential ballot measure that says, “each electric utility will in no way limit its customers’ participation in net metering,” and maintains that net metering credit “equals the same rate that customers pay for grid electricity.”

While Xcel wants to roll back net metering to protect its profits, according to The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC), these poll results show voters prefer to support the policy.

Lest you think this is skewed one way or another, the poll was conducted by the bipartisan research team of Public Opinion Strategies and Keating Research. The team surveyed 500 voters from August 21 to 24, 2014.

In addition to indicating strong support for a pro-net metering ballot measure, key results include:

  • 76% of respondents support net metering
  • 73% oppose Xcel’s proposal to cut the amount of credit it provides to solar customers
  • 61% would have a less favorable impression of Xcel if the utility proposed charging an additional fee on customers with net metered rooftop solar panels.

Apart from showing support for solar, the poll shows that utility customers are becoming more aware of net metering and gaining a better understanding of it. “This poll demonstrates increased public understanding of and support for solar net metering and a willingness to defend the tremendous benefits it has already delivered to Colorado,” said Walker Wright, spokesperson for The Alliance for Solar Choice and Director of Government Affairs at Sunrun. “Coloradans want the choice for self-generated solar power, which contributes to the grid’s improvement while creating jobs in a growing industry.”