Next Step Living and New Bedford Energy Now Bring Solar to More Massachusetts Homeowners


Next Step Living and New Bedford Energy Now team up to help more Massachusetts homeowners go solar. The campaign is part of the Solarize New Bedford program, which aims to help 150 homeowners install solar power systems in 2014.


Massachusetts may not be the sunniest state in the country, but it’s increasingly appearing in solar news headlines. From net metering victories there to expansion in the area by one of the country’s major solar companies to a large landfill-to-solar project, the state keeps installing solar at a fast clip.

While solar projects in Massachusetts come in all sizes, there’s a lot to encourage homeowners there to go solar. Today, Next Step Living, a provider of whole-home energy solutions, and New Bedford Energy Now (NBEN) announced that they are working together to make it easy for homeowners to understand the benefits of installing solar. As part of the Solarize New Bedford campaign, the organizations are encouraging the residents of New Bedford to explore whether it makes sense for them to go solar.

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with New Bedford Energy Now having successfully run a campaign educating homeowners about ductless mini splits,” said Gabe Shapiro, vice president of outreach at Next Step Living. “Together we share a commitment to helping residents reduce their energy costs, make their homes more comfortable and reduce their carbon footprint by going solar.”

According to the companies, a solar PV system lets homeowners save up to 20% annually in utility costs, increase the value of their homes, and become more energy-independent. Solarize New Bedford has the goal of helping 150 homeowners install solar power systems in 2014.


“We see this alliance as an opportunity for our two organizations to spread the word about energy efficiency,” said Ken Ramos, coordinator of New Bedford Energy Now. “We’re very pleased to be able to collaborate with Next Step Living to bring this opportunity to our neighbors.”


With municipal solar projects and advocacy of offshore-wind projects, the city of New Bedford is a nationally recognized leader in renewable energy. Mayor Jon Mitchell has pledged his support to Solarize New Bedford as part of the city’s overall commitment to clean and renewable energy.