Nonprofit Crowdfunder RE-volv Helps Organic Co-op Go Solar


Organic community grocer Other Avenues Food Cooperative is celebrating an eight-year endeavor to provide its store with organic, clean energy. Now their dream is turning into a reality, thanks to the RE-volv nonprofit crowdfunding initiative. The San Francisco co-op, located in the Outer Sunset district, will be RE-volv’s third financing venture.

Until now, other options for solar financing were not a proper fit for the local, sustainable retailer, according to Other Avenues President Darryl Dea. The crowdfunding platform is a good match for them, however, because of their position in the community, and the overwhelming support they have from the clientele. Other Avenues is also pleased with this option as it will help fund future solar projects in the community.

Install_2Previously, RE-volv worked with a community synagogue in Piedmont, CA, helping them go solar as part of a member commitment to protecting the Earth. RE-volv’s first project was solar for the Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley, CA. As awareness and enthusiasm in clean, renewable energy continues to grow, many people are interested and willing to donate and fund these community projects, helping local staples in the neighborhood switch to solar, when otherwise it may not have been possible.

Other Avenues is steadily raising portions of the $48,000 needed for the 36kW system, with at least 70 donors having already contributed the first $10,000. Many people are passionate about the business model of the co-op, which focuses on non-hierarchical management, local, sustainable food sources, and its community.

If you are interested in helping RE-volv and the co-op further their emphasis on sustainability, you can visit the campaign page here.