OneRoof Energy Giving Homeowners More Choice with Solar-Electric Bundled Residential Product


OneRoof Energy and Choose Energy announce a partnership with a large energy provider to provide a bundled energy product in the Massachusetts deregulated energy markets. The product will offer a zero-down solar lease, with the residual electricity supplied by the retail energy provider for a minimum period of two years.

Solar provider OneRoof Energy (TSXV: ON) recently announced a marketing alliance with energy comparison shopping provider Choose Energy.

Today, the companies announced what they say is a ground-breaking service in the Massachusetts deregulated energy markets, in partnership with one of the world’s largest energy providers — who is for now remaining unnamed.


The new bundled energy product will offer a zero-down solar lease, with the residual electricity supplied by the retail energy provider for a minimum period of two years. The product, initially launched for residents in the NSTAR and NGRID utility coverage areas, gives homeowners control over their electricity supply and delivery.


Massachusetts is a prime location for this offering, given both its deregulated energy markets and its ranking as sixth among U.S. states in solar electricity capacity, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.


In deregulated energy markets, the average residential energy consumer switches electricity providers every three years, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Because a solar lease lasts for 20 years or longer, this represents a new way for electricity suppliers to seamlessly diversify their product offering with solar, while also exponentially increasing customer retention and value.


“This is an example of how progressive energy companies are putting the customer first, and giving them the choice and the savings they deserve and want,” said David Field, president and CEO, OneRoof Energy. “Our technology-rich, solar leasing fulfillment platform was designed with ease of use in mind, allowing a broad spectrum of businesses to seamlessly sell solar. Retail energy companies are an excellent example of how affiliate businesses are creating additional value for their customers by utilizing our platform. By partnering with OneRoof Energy, energy retailers are able to satisfy their customers’ desire for affordable, renewable energy, while leveraging our white labeled, customer-centric platform in order to increase their own sales opportunities.”


“We anticipate early success of the new bundled electricity product and remain enthusiastic about expanding the offering to other deregulated markets,” said John Tough, head of operations and business development at Choose Energy.


In addition to Massachusetts, electricity has been deregulated in 16 other states and Washington, D.C.


Tough added, “All around, this promotion is a win for customers, and we’re excited to be a partner in offering it.”


For a limited time, the company will offer a promotional incentive to enroll with this product. Qualified Massachusetts homeowners will receive a total of $2,000 of free residual electricity for the first 24 months of their solar lease, or $83.33 a month.