Who is Number One? Panasonic Announces Most Efficient Panel Days After SolarCity


October, 2015, might go down in history as the month that solar panel efficiency records were set. SunPower has held the title for a long time, with its X series panels coming in at 21.5 percent efficiency.  Last week, SolarCity announced that they had broken this record, with a 22.04 percent efficiency rating. Yesterday, Panasonic surpassed that record, announcing its newest prototype has achieved a 22.5 percent efficiency rating.

What will happen tomorrow?

Panasonic’s commercial-sized prototype achieves a conversion efficiency of 22.5 percent.  The 72-cell, 270-watt panel incorporates newly developed enhanced technology that will eventually be scaled into volume production.

The test results were confirmed by the renowned Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

This new record on module-level efficiency adds to the 25.6% efficiency record achieved last year at cell-level.

“The new panel efficiency record demonstrates once again Panasonic’s proven leadership in photovoltaics and our ongoing commitment to move the needle in advanced solar technology,” said Daniel Roca, senior business developer at Panasonic Eco Solutions Europe.