Peregrine Energy Group Makes Cape Cod Solar Data Manageable


The Cape and Vineyard Electric Coop (CVEC) is developing more than 28 MW of solar PV installations across Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard at 27 sites owned by municipalities or governmental entities. These installations will take advantage of the recently passed bill in Massachusetts that raises the net metering cap for projects.

CVEC will handle all financial transactions around the energy that is generated, including payments to the third-party contractor for energy production, billing of towns for their shares of that production, and distribution of net metering credits delivered by the local electric utility. The data associated with all of these transactions is extensive and must be represented accurately. CVEC selected Peregrine Energy Group to help them.

Peregrine will serve as project lead in the development and delivery of a comprehensive database and financial transaction solution for CVEC. A key aspect of this will be the development of a database that stores all the energy-related data (including kWh production, power purchase agreement prices, net metering credit rates, and allocations) and connects to a QuickBooks-based financial system.

In recent years, Peregrine has built databases for renewable energy projects, for energy efficiency programs, and for monitoring building energy use and cost. The company currently receives data for more than 30,000 utility accounts directly from Massachusetts utilities every month. In addition, Peregrine collects and analyzes minute-to-minute electricity monitoring data for a number of buildings as part of its Building Performance service.

“We’re both an energy company and a data analytics company,” said Peregrine CEO Paul Gromer. We especially relish projects like this one that draw on both our energy knowledge and our expertise in organizing, analyzing, and presenting data. It’s exciting to use our skills to help extend the benefits of solar to so many communities. We are very pleased to support CVEC in such an innovative and ambitious project.”