REC Solar and Windset Farms Unveil 1 MW Solar Array

Photo Credit: U.S. 101 Between Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, California (19)

When Santa Maria’s largest farm decided to go solar they turned to REC Solar. Earlier this week, the results of this partnership were unveiled at Windset FarmsThe 1 MW array was built on the roof of the farm’s shipping and packing building.

David Wesley, Director of Projects at Windset Farms, said “REC Solar is the clear leader in helping California farms go solar, and deciding to work with them was an easy decision….They helped us overcome some unique construction challenges….To top it off, the system was easy to finance and helped us save money on our energy bills immediately.”

REC Solar has installed solar systems for a number of large and small farms. They have recently expanded into the agricultural sector, including wineries. This is a growing segment of the solar market.

“REC makes it easy for farms to go solar because we cater to their specific business operations and ensure minimal disruptions. Since we work with our customers from start to finish, we can provide tailored financing, design and O&M options that help each business meet its energy savings targets,” said Ryan Park, Director of Business Development at REC Solar. “Windset Farms is already a clear leader in cutting-edge technology and sustainability practices, and we’re pleased to help them to extend their leadership even further.”

Before going solar, Windset Farms was already growing non-GMO produce year-round in their greenhouse facility. The farm also employs water and CO2 recycling, integrated pest management, heat-loss prevention screens and efficient land use strategies.

With the addition of solar to its ongoing sustainability efforts, Windset Farms is growing more than produce. They are growing a brighter future.

Photo Credit: U.S. 101 Between Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, California (19) by Ken Lund via Flickr