S&C to design and build 4.1MW solar project in Massachusetts


S&C Electric Company announces $9.7 million project with Green States Energy for the construction of a 4.1MW PV farm in Sandwich, MA. The system will help the state reach its renewable energy portfolio of 400MW of PV.

S&C Electric Company has announced a $9.7 million project with Green States Energy for the construction of a 4.1MW PV farm in Sandwich, Massachusetts. The project will help the state reach its larger goal of developing 400MW of PV in the Commonwealth.

In 2003, Massachusetts was one of the first states to adopt a renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS), which requires distribution utilities and competitive suppliers to obtain a percentage of their electricity from qualifying units. In 2010, the state issued new regulations that carved out a portion of the RPS to support the growth of in-state PV energy.

The Sandwich solar project qualifies to receive the Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SRECs) units issued through the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER). Utilities can purchase these SRECs to meet the state’s RPS goal. GSE’s goal is to start selling the certificates by January 1, 2014, which required them to select a partner that could meet the three-month deadline for building the solar farm.

The project team will be led by S&C, which will provide engineering, procurement, and project management services for both the AC and DC portions of the project. Green Earth Developers is providing physical construction services, including installation of the racking systems, solar panels, and construction management of the DC systems and AC interconnection.