Service 1st Energy Solutions Helps a Nevada School Go Solar


Mountain View Christian School in Las Vegas goes solar with help from Service 1st Energy Solutions. The 780 kW solar PV system consists of arrays on the roof, on a shade structure, and on the ground.


Mountain View Christian School in Las Vegas is joining the trend of schools going solar across the country — and also bringing more solar power to Nevada.

The project began in 2012, when Scott Shaw, Director of Research and Development for Service 1st Energy Solutions, approached the school to discuss the financial benefits of solar.

“Since solar energy offers such large financial rewards, it’s a great resource for consumers and businesses,” said Shaw. “This opportunity for solar was even better because we were able to apply for a monetary award through NV Energy to eliminate upfront costs.”

Mountain View Christian School was originally awarded the funds for a 50 kW solar system. However, the school required a larger system to cover its energy consumption. In February 2013, under the governing law of the Nevada Revised Statutes, Shaw petitioned the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada for an award to cover an additional 730 kW needed. In June 2013, the award was granted for a 780 kW system.

That same month, Service 1st Energy Solutions began planning the installation. In August, the company started installing the largest solar system in Nevada for a private school.

This was no ordinary installation. The Mountain View Christian School project spanned a five-month period, and required 15 installation technicians and five project managers on staff. Traditional rooftop mounting was first installed on the existing building. Then, to meet the requirements of the system, Service 1st Energy Solutions had to construct shade structures, which would also provide additional rooftop space for solar panels. When that was completed, the company devised a plan for the remainder of the system to be ground-mounted. This meant they had to install a security fence to protect the panels, and add landscaping for aesthetic reasons.

Finally, in December 2013, the system was completed and passed inspections.

“Sustainability has been a hallmark of the city of Las Vegas for many years,” said Mayor Carolyn Goodman. “It is awesome to see one of our educational institutions following the city’s example in making sustainability a priority. I’m especially proud that these new solar panels are helping to power a space where our children are studying and learning.”

This project is bringing Mountain View Christian School substantial savings, which are directly passed on to the families of the school. Additionally, the use of clean energy has become a foundation for building student awareness and generating interest in science coursework.