Soccer to promote solar energy


Yingli Americas partners with U.S. Women’s National Soccer team legend Mia Hamm and Verengo to promote solar energy to homeowners and soccers friends. 

Yingli Green Energy Americas has partnered with residential solar installer Verengo Solar and U.S. Women’s National Soccer team legend Mia Hamm to promote solar energy to homeowners and soccer fans through a new “Friends and Family of U.S. Soccer” program. As an incentive, homeowners who go solar as a result of this campaign will automatically receive an additional $250 in electricity savings.

To support the program, Mia Hamm and her husband, champion baseball star Nomar Garciaparra, will promote affordable home solar solutions through radio advertisements. In the radio spots, they will encourage consumers to request solar consultations with Verengo by educating consumers about the economic, social, and environmental advantages of solar energy, while emphasizing the increased availability of solar financing options that reduce upfront costs for consumers. Mia and Nomar will also be featured in signage at various youth soccer tournaments in key solar energy markets, including California and New York

Helena Kimball, Head of Marketing of Yingli Green Energy Americas, explained: “Given that 4 out of 5 of the nation’s largest solar markets also top the charts for attendance at U.S. National Soccer team games, and that youth tournament attendees are predominantly eco-conscious parents and homeowners, the ‘Friends and Family of U.S. Soccer’ is a good driver for solar adoption and awareness.”

The couples’ message will focus on their personal experience working with Verengo and Yingli to install two solar energy systems for themselves and their family members. Combined, these systems will consist of over 130 Yingli modules that will offset over 1,110 tons of C02 during their lifetimes, the equivalent of planting over 28,000 trees.

Mia Hamm commented, “As parents and athletes, Nomar and I are especially proud to promote solar energy because we believe a healthy environment is the most important legacy we can leave to future generations. We are pleased to reduce our own carbon footprint and utility bill, and by communicating these benefits to the broader public, we can make an even bigger impact. Our hope is that sharing insights from our own incredibly easy and rewarding solar installation will encourage families in the soccer community and beyond to go solar, too.”

“Our President, Ken Button, and I are pleased to partner with Yingli, Mia, and Nomar to bring affordable solar energy to a new audience for Verengo,” Randy Bishop, CEO and Co-Founder of Verengo Solar commented. “As proud fathers of soccer playing children we are looking forward to a long-term partnership, and are thrilled to be the installer of choice for these admirable athletes and their families.”