Solar Alliance Foundation Helps Injured and Disabled Veterans with Free Solar Systems


The Solar Alliance Foundation helps injured and disabled veterans by providing them free solar systems. They’re asking for year-end donations that will keep on giving to these veterans in need for many years to come.

It’s the time of year when all kinds of charities come knocking for donations. With so many great causes, it can be hard to decide which to give to. You won’t be surprised that our answer is solar.

That’s not just because we work in solar. It’s also because giving to solar gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Your donation goes not just to one specific organization but also to creating jobs, improving public health, strengthening national security, cleaning up the environment — and much more.


Which solar cause to give to? Even when you narrow it down to solar, there are so many choices. We listed a few in a previous article and have since written about others. They’re all doing great work and helping a number of people and organizations while helping us all by spreading solar.


Today we’re highlighting an organization that’s helping a very worthy group, disabled veterans: the Solar Alliance Foundation. The nonprofit, based in San Diego, California, was created in 2012. Its mission is to provide financial assistance to injured and disabled veterans by installing free solar electric systems for them. The systems eliminate or substantially reduce the electric bills of these veterans in need.


The veterans served by the Solar Alliance Foundation may be dealing with both emotional and physical stresses and often face great financial need. But their power bills may remain big, and we all know that the cost of grid power keeps rising. For people in financial need, power bills make up a bigger percentage of their overall budget. So helping reduce those bills can make a big difference in these people’s lives.


A donation to the Solar Alliance Foundation keeps on giving. Your donation helps provide power for 25 years or more, for individuals who are likely to experience financial need for the rest of their lives.


There is never any cost to recipients of the systems — the foundation covers the entire cost of the purchase, permits, and installation. “There is no other program like ours,” said foundation Director Joe Lizura. “If a veteran is 70% disabled or more and has demonstrated a need of financial assistance, he or she can apply to have their electric bill eliminated or dramatically reduced for the next 25 years.”


In just the past few months, the Solar Alliance Foundation has installed completely free solar power systems for disabled veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. “Our recent installations included a young Marine who had lost his leg in an IED explosion, an Army soldier who received a gunshot wound to his head, and another veteran who is confined to a wheelchair,” Lizura added.


“Our disabled veterans have given so much for each and every one of us, that it’s time we made the sacrifice to give back to them,” said Artie Rose, foundation CEO.


According to the Solar Alliance Foundation, they use each and every dollar they receive to provide free solar systems and never charge a single dime to a veteran. “We have the ability to take every dollar we receive in donations and make it give back over and over each and every month for the next 25 years. To see the work we have done, we encourage potential donors to go to our website and see the work we do.” said Lizura.  “But we can’t do it without donations, especially from those in our own industry, so that’s why we are asking folks to help us help the guys who have given so much more than was ever asked of them while serving our country.”