All the World’s a Solar-Powered Stage — at The Muny in St. Louis


Microgrid Solar finishes an 80-module solar array at The Muny, an outdoor theater in St. Louis. The project was made possible by a donation by the Kirberg Company.


The country’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theater is also becoming one of the most sustainable. The Muny, in St. Louis, Missouri, is going solar.

Construction will wrap up this week on an 80-module solar array at The Muny. Completed by Kirberg Company and Microgrid Solar prior to the opening of the 2014 season, the project is expected to produce over 25,000 kWh in the first year.

In addition to solar panels, The Muny already features an energy-efficient fan system, an LED light backdrop, a comprehensive recycling program.

This new improvement, which will extend the theater’s commitment to sustainability, is made possible by a generous donation by the Kirberg Company. “Whether it’s lighting the stage, keeping the concession stands open or powering the fans to cool the audience on those hot St. Louis summer nights, we hope our donation will enhance the experience of theatergoers,” said Eric Kirberg, President.

He added, “Alternative sources of energy will continue to be a valuable avenue for venues to explore in the future. We’re excited to help The Muny take this step and hope that the theatre will be a staple in the St. Louis community for years to come.”

“The solar array will provide free electricity to The Muny for years to come, reducing their operating costs and allowing The Muny to instead focus on what they do best: producing exceptional musical theatre,” said Chad Schubert of Microgrid Solar.