SolarCity and Pacific Honda Join Forces in Support of Solar Power for Hawaii residents


SolarCity and Pacific Honda partner in support of solar power for Hawaii residents. Pacific Honda customers can go solar via SolarCity with little or no upfront cost. SolarCity is also making an additional $400 discount available to Honda owners who go solar.

SolarCity and Pacific Honda have joined forces to support solar power for Hawaii residents. Pacific Honda customers will be able to install solar power via SolarCity at little or no upfront cost, and will typically pay significantly less for solar electricity than they pay for utility bills. SolarCity is also making an additional $400 discount available to Honda owners who go solar.

The agreement is part of a national effort between American Honda Motor and SolarCity to make solar power more affordable and available to customers. American Honda and SolarCity have created an investment fund to finance $65 million in solar projects. The funds will assist Honda and Acura customers with the initial cost of solar power installation. The partnership is aimed at addressing global climate change by reducing CO2 emissions from homes, businesses, and transportation. It will provide customers a cleaner source of electricity at a lower cost than utility-supplied power.

“Pacific Honda is always looking at ways to improve the lives of our customers while reducing our environmental footprint, and we feel that solar power and electric vehicles go hand-in-hand to accomplish this,” said Kenny Ching, vice president of Pacific Honda. “We believe our customers are going to be very interested in going solar once they find out about SolarCity’s program, through which they have little or no upfront costs, can lower their monthly utility bill, and can make a positive contribution to protect the environment.”


SolarCity and Honda will additionally explore opportunities to integrate solar power and electric vehicle recharging. Their goal is to enable Honda Fit EV customers to charge their vehicles with solar power and further reduce their households’ CO2 emissions.

“In a state with abundant solar resources and high energy costs, it makes perfect sense to go solar,” commented Jon Yoshimura, director of policy and electricity markets at SolarCity.

As part of the agreement, SolarCity will have a presence at Pacific Honda in downtown Honolulu. There, SolarCity representatives will explain to customers how they can save money on their electricity bills by going solar.