SolarCity and Shea Homes Celebrate Milestone of 2000+ Net-Zero Energy Home Sales


Solarcity and Shea Homes announce the sale of over 2000 net-zero energy SheaXero home sales. Shea Homes designs these houses to be as energy efficient as possible and to use rooftop solar to produce more electricity than they consume.

SolarCity has recently been partnering with companies one would not traditionally associate them with. However, it is easy to see why they have partnered with Shea Homes, a nationwide builder of resort communities. Today they are celebrating the sale of more than 2000 SheaXero No Electric Bill Homes. SolarCity and Shea Homes currently offer these homes in 11 Trilogy by Shea Homes Active Lifestyle communities throughout five states.

The companies estimate that the cumulative environmental impact made by the first 2000 SheaXero homes over the next 20 years equals planting more than 14 million trees and taking more than 30,000 cars off the road. The SheaXero homes alleviate more than carbon emissions and actually help conserve water as well. The homes will save more than 1.5 billion gallons of fresh water over the next two decades that would otherwise be consumed to produce electricity from fossil fuel or nuclear sources. This is especially welcome at a time when western states are suffering severe droughts.

SheaXero homes typically produce as much energy as they use. The home’s custom solar power systems and more than 15 other energy-efficient features help to reduce homeowners’ budgets by essentially removing electricity costs. The SheaXero features are available in all Trilogy communities across the nation, and in most cases at no additional charge.