SolarCity Now Offers MyPower Loan to Nevada


This spring, Nevada fought a huge battle for solar. As installed solar reached the state limit, the solar industry pushed for an increase. At the same time, opponents cited an unfair penalty to traditional power customers. The final result of this conflict was a temporary increase and a promise to finalize policy by the end of the year.

SolarCity is choosing to think positive about the future of solar in Nevada. They are now offering a new solar loan in the state, SolarCity’s original offering, the MyPower loan.

As we have previously reported, the company began offering solar loans less than a year ago. The MyPower loan was their first. Now they offer several options, including the SolarPPA and the SolarLease. All options have one thing in common: they allow homeowners the opportunity to affordably go solar.

The MyPower loan, which offers homeowners a zero-down gradual repayment plan, may prove particularly appealing to homeowners at this time. With the December deadline for a decision about net metering and the temporary allowable increase, many homeowners may be inspired to take advantage of this popular loan.