SolarCity Partnership with Colorado Homebuilder Gets Major Vote of Confidence


A SolarCity partnership with a Denver homebuilder is already a resounding success, with 80% of buyers opting for a solar installation. As more homebuilders partner with the solar provider, more buyers are able to save money while increasing their home’s value.

Another day, another SolarCity partnership with a homebuilder. You might ask, How long before we stop reporting on this? Time will tell, but for now we still consider these partnerships important news.

It’s significant that many homebuyers are being offered a solar option along with the many other options they can choose, like granite countertops. That’s yet another sign that solar is becoming mainstream.


Unlike granite countertops, solar is an option that can actually save homeowners money, with savings often increasing over time. In addition, unlike some high-end upgrades and home improvements, solar can add considerable value to a home.


As we reported last week, SolarCity (Nasdaq:SCTY) has formed partnerships with homebuilders in various states, including Arizona, Texas, Oregon, and Hawaii. In fact, SolarCity currently works with more than 100 builders in nine states across the U.S. The company provides homebuilders with a range of solar services, including customer assistance, monitoring, insurance, and repairs for homebuyers.


One of their many partnership is with Oakwood Homes in Colorado. Oakwood Homes is offering a solar power option on new homes in its Carriage House and upcoming Tollgate communities. As with the other partnerships, this one allows homebuyers to install solar panels for free and pay less for solar electricity than they pay for utility bills. And this option comes at zero additional cost to the purchase price of the home, since they form a lease agreement with SolarCity.


Here’s something new to report, beyond the fact that these partnerships are sprouting up in so many states: Today, the companies announced that the Carriage House program has proven immensely popular. Since homes there opened for sale in 2013, a whopping 80% of homebuyers who have purchased a home in the community have opted to have a solar system installed through SolarCity. If that were an election, it would be a major landslide.


Dwayne Montoya, Oakwood Homes Regional Sales Manager, characterized the program’s success this way: “With the option for new homebuyers to have solar power without adding a dime to the price of the home, it’s easier than ever for buyers to say yes to green, clean energy. We’re happy to provide a sustainable solar option with SolarCity that is not only good for the environment, but a sound financial decision for our homebuyers.”


The solar offering for Oakwood Homes builds on the efficiency already incorporated in their designs as part of their EnergySmart program, which aims to reduce energy costs for homeowners by incorporating a range of energy-efficient features. The solar systems add to these savings.


“With energy from SolarCity, Oakwood Homes buyers can benefit from solar power and the associated savings immediately,” said Walter Cuculic, SolarCity’s national manager of Builder Programs. “By eliminating upfront costs, we’ve made it easier for homebuilders to offer solar benefits to their customers, and homebuyers to take advantage of cleaner, more affordable energy.”


The Carriage House community is located in Green Valley Ranch, one of Denver’s fastest-growing planned communities, with homes for sale from the high $100s to the $300s. Solar options at the Carriage House community range from 2.5 to 5 kilowatt systems and are custom designed by SolarCity to maximize savings and efficiency.