SolarCure Offers Impact Investment Vehicle to Help Veterans with Solar Power


SolarCure offers solar installations to help veterans and VFW posts. Businesses can invest in the installations to help veterans while strengthening their own brand.

While veterans have been in the news lately because of the many difficulties they’re facing, the story is a bit different when it comes to solar news. The solar industry has been offering a number of examples of how solar power is helping veterans.  

Now, a New Jersey company is adding to this news. SolarCure, based in Colonia, New Jersey, says it’s offering businesses and investors a triple win of supporting veterans and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) posts, greening the environment through solar energy, and reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign energy sources. A big return on investment, indeed.


SolarCure is a cause-marketing firm that solicits business sponsorship of solar panels for VFW posts. The solar installations help the VFW posts reduce energy costs, while providing the sponsoring businesses green and veteran-friendly purposeful marketing that strengthens their own brand. SolarCure is the brainchild of Raymond Saluccio, an established inventor, businessman, and entrepreneur.


Once each solar system installation is completed, web-based monitoring software provides a constant feed showing the multiple patriotic and environmental benefits each project provides.


How can businesses participate? At what SolarCure says is an affordable cost, companies can simply adopt part of a solar array to be installed at a VFW post. This adopted solar array will support the post with a reduced energy bill at no cost to the post. The purpose-driven branding then continues as the adopted solar arrays improve the environment and create a more green-energy-friendly America.


SolarCure is also seeking an outside investment to capitalize its operation, which Saluccio says will provide an aggressive return to investors. Risk has been minimized with the SolarCure model already showing positive returns for businesses.


“SolarCure is positioned to sustain investors, our nation and our veterans,” Saluccio said. “Impact investing is ready to break out from its niche of philanthropy-minded funders and capture the imagination of mainstream international investors.”


SolarCure also offers veterans careers. The company has committed to hiring at least one veteran per solar panel installation job in its nationwide solar installations.