Solarize Connecticut program offers discounts for Home Solar


The Towns of Ashford, Chaplin, Hampton, and Pomfret will join eight other communities in phase three of Solarize Connecticut. The Solarize program offers participants discounts of up to 20% on a solar installation. 

The Towns of Ashford, Chaplin, Hampton, and Pomfret have joined eight other communities in phase three of Solarize Connecticut. The Solarize program is offered by the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) in cooperation with SmartPower. Its goal is to increase residential solar by leveraging group discounts through a pre-selected installer to reduce the cost of solar. The program offers discounts up to 20 percent.

Over the past several weeks, town officials have been interviewing installers and announced Ross Solar Group was selected to be part of their Solarize program and do all the solar installations. 

Solarize relies on the community to provide outreach and education to create awareness and build interest. To motivate residents to act, the program promotes a clear end date for participating in the discounts offered through the program – residents of Ashford, Chaplin, Hampton, and Pomfret must sign a contract by February 11, 2014 if they wish to participate in the discounts offered through Solarize.

Ralph Fletcher, First Selectman from Ashford, put out the call for residents to get involved in the Solarize program to lower their energy bills. “We fully support Solarize Ashford and the partnership we have with Chaplin, Hampton and Pomfret. We here in Ashford are looking forward to giving our residents the opportunity to add solar to their homes at deeply discounted rates and to earn solar panels for our town buildings as well. We hope that our businesses will also see this as an opportunity for them to begin to reduce their utility expenses and to reduce their carbon footprint.” 

“Through Solarize, Connecticut residents can purchase or lease solar photovoltaic systems and realize deep savings. Pomfret will benefit from the collaboration with the towns of Ashford, Chaplin and Hampton; together we can create easier, affordable ways to ‘solarize.’ This is an exciting and innovative opportunity to bring renewable energy to our communities,” said Pomfret’s First Selectman Maureen Nicholson.

“CEFIA is extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve through the Solarize program. We continue to see our financing tools and the Solarize model bringing down the cost of solar and making it affordable for more and more homeowners throughout Connecticut”, stated Bryan Garcia, President and CEO of CEFIA. “We expect to achieve similar success as we begin the next phase of this innovative program with the participation of these dynamic town leaders and their dedicated volunteers.”

Solarize Ashford-Chaplin-Hampton-Pomfret will officially kick off on September 24th.