Solarize Stafford: Doubling the Amount of Solar in 10 Weeks


The town of Stafford, along with the Ross Solar Group, participates in a ten-week CT solarize express program, offering residents discounts for solar energy installations. 

The Town of Stafford has been selected to join other communities in Phase 3 of Solarize Connecticut. The program is expected to more than double the amount of solar across the community over its 10-week duration.

Solarize is a program offered by the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) in partnership with SmartPower. The program boosts residential solar by leveraging group discounts through one pre-selected installer. Solarize relies on the community to create awareness and build interest by providing outreach and education, and it promotes a clear end date that motivates residents to act.

Over the past several weeks, town officials have been interviewing installers. Officials announced that they have selected Ross Solar Group for the Solarize Stafford program.

Solarize Stafford will officially kick off with its first solar workshop on Thursday, November 14. In order to participate in the discounts offered through Solarize, residents must sign a contract by January 29, 2014.

“Many of you know about the cost savings the Stafford Energy Advisory Committee is providing to you as a taxpayer with solar panels on our library and schools. Now it is possible for you to realize some of these same solar advantages at your home. Solarize Connecticut is coming to Stafford with a plan to save energy, money and the environment. With the second highest energy costs in the nation (behind Hawaii), the dollars saved with solar energy may be your best investment. A program is being implemented that can get you solar panels in a timely and cost effective way. As your Selectman and one of the Solar Ambassadors to the town, I look forward to our success in making Stafford a cleaner and continually energy efficient town,” said Stafford Selectman Neil Hoss.

In September, the towns of Ashford, Chaplin, Hampton, and Pomfret joined Phase 3 of Solarize Connecticut. According to the Solarize Connecticut Phase 1 Report, the average Solarize customer saved $7,500 on their system when compared to current market averages. During Phase 1 of Solarize Connecticut, only 20 weeks, the rate of adoption in all participating communities for residential solar installations was 24-64 times greater than in the previous seven years. In one town, during this same 20 weeks, installed capacity more than quintupled.