SolarWorld Finds Another Partner for its American-Made Solar Panels with Green NRG


Green NRG announces a partnership with SolarWorld to exclusively sell their American-Made solar panels. By partnering with installers throughout the country, SolarWorld looks to solidify its place as the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar panels.

Green NRG Inc. announced today its partnership with SolarWorld LLC. Green NRG Inc. is now an exclusive dealer of SolarWorld PV modules. All SolarWorld panels are made in the U.S.A., with the company claiming it is the largest manufacturer in the United States.

“This new partnership allows Green NRG Inc. to offer our clients fantastic financing solutions,” said Green NRG Inc. CEO Yaar Kimhi. Options range from leasing, to financing, to cash purchases. “Right now we are just starting to tap into the mainstream solar market. More and more homeowners and commercial businesses are seeing the wisdom of going solar. This is especially true as utility companies continue to raise their prices for electricity at alarming rates. And they have made it clear prices will only continue to rise.” 

Green NRG Inc. has been serving California since 2008. They cover all of Southern California and have recently opened in the Bay Area and San Jose. “We have a superb team of solar consultants, engineers and project managers who assure that every job is completed with excellence and to every homeowner’s total satisfaction,” said Kimhi. One way that Green NRG provides this service is that all of the preliminary work to design their solar systems is done on-site by experts. Many of the larger solar companies rely on satellite imagery to analyze a roof and design their systems.

On all of Green NRG’s projects, a team of electrical and design experts physically evaluate the site where the system is to be installed. “We know exactly which parts of the roof might be shaded, the condition of the existing roof and electrical equipment on the house. We conduct an ‘on site verification’ that every solar system we sell will produce the amount of energy we have promised it will. We have built such a strong customer base because of our commitment to excellence on every project, customer service and the people on our team,” said Kimhi.

This is not the first such partnership for SolarWorld. Back in June, SolarWorld announced their partnership with RGS Energy, and before that they partnered with PetersenDean in a similar arrangement. Americans always like to see and purchase goods that are made in America, and SolarWorld delivers on this. Installers have taken note and are looking at ways to provide these panels. Those who are not large enough to buy their own manufacturer need to partner with an existing one.