Sun Valley Solar Solutions Sponsors Contest for Young Solar Innovators


Sun Valley Solar Solutions sponsors a technology contest at the annual Arizona SciTech Festival aimed at aspiring young inventors, offering rewards for the most innovative and useful project submissions. Increased visibility of the 2014 SciTech festival across the state promises to illuminate the benefits of solar technology to a widening audience.

Representing a statewide collaboration of tech companies, university organizations, community groups, educators, and governing bodies, the Arizona SciTech Festival hosts an annual series of events designed to both celebrate and promote the benefits of advancements in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Throughout February and March, numerous seminars, workshops, and tours in neighborhoods and cities across the state will promote the benefits of a technologically advanced world. Attendees can expect to interact with scientists, industry experts, and enthusiastic supporters of technological innovation.  

As a part of the SciTech Festival, Sun Valley Solar Solutionsa leading installer of PV solar systems in Arizona, will sponsor a three-faceted contest aimed at inspiring young thinkers to explore in detail the technology involved in harnessing solar power and converting it to usable energy. The three categories of the contest ensure the widest possible partcipation and involvement for all levels of experience and education.

The “Invent It” portion of the contest will offer a $1000 reward to the individual or group that delivers the best invention for household solar. Applicants must submit plans for a viable prototype (no actual materials are required, but the prototype must be theoretically sound) along with a business proposal for implementation of the invention. Last year’s 15-year-old winner submitted an inspired design for a solar-powered home computer.

The “Make It” portion will provide workshops and support for applicants to create their own solar cel phone chargers from kits available online. Prizes will be awarded to all entrants in an effort to promote hands-on learning with real-world solar products.

The “Research It” contest will reward young thinkers for calculating their daily energy usage, then estimating the cost of that level of usage. This contest will also provide prizes to all entrants, and will encourage thoughtful analysis of energy consumption and price.

Sun Valley Solar Solutions CEO Russ Patzer said, “Kids are very interested in solar power and we feel it is our responsibility to encourage them to be part of a sustainable energy future.”  He further stated that his company’s sponsorship represents a significant investment in community awarness of the increasing role renewable energy providers will play in tomorrow’s energy market.  

Prospective applicants of any age are encouraged to enter any or all of the challenges. Instructions and worksheet materials for all three contests can be obtained by visiting