SunEdison, City of Freemont Complete 1.2 MW Solar Project with More to Come


Freemont, California is joining the growing number of municipalities are embracing solar for the energy savings it provides. Yesterday, the city and SunEdison announced the completion of three new solar canopy systems.

The systems are expected to generate 1.2 MW of solar for the city. These three canopies are mounted over parking lots at city facilities. The Irvington Community Center, the Aqua Adventure Water Park, and the Robert Wasserman Freemont Police Center have all added the solar structures.

A fourth canopy will be added at the city’s maintenance center. This 349 kW array is expected to come on-line next year. When all four systems are complete, the canopies are expected to provide 5 percent of the city’s power.

Freemont has entered into a 20 year Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) with SunEdison. Over the course of these agreements, the systems are expected to save the city over $2.6 million.

As Mayor Bill Harrison says, “These new solar projects are a major advantage for our city in more ways than one…. Not only will they reduce the carbon footprint from all of Fremont’s operations by more than 5 percent, but they’re also projected to save us $2.6 million over the next 25 years.”

SunEdison will be providing operation and maintenance services for the structures.

“Fremont is making a positive impact on the local community by installing these solar canopy systems over several of the city’s parking lots,” said Sam Youneszadeh, SunEdison’s general manager of West Coast commercial and industrial solar. “By going solar, the city is saving taxpayer dollars, reducing their carbon footprint and supporting local jobs.”