Sungevity’s New Energy System


By Roy L Hales. Originally published at The ECOreport

Imagine being able to see how your solar panels are performing at any given moment, day, week or month? This not only lets you know how much you’re saving, it gives you the power to choose how and when you use energy. Sungevity’s new Energy Hub enables homeowners to track exactly how much energy their household is using, down to within a few seconds. It is one of the key components of Sungevity’s new Energy System.

Sungevity’s New Energy System

“Think of it like getting joining a gym. We don’t just sell you a membership, we offer personal training. We want to help you achieve the savings that we calculated when you committed to go solar with us,” said Peter Graf, Sungevity’s Chief Product Officer.

“More and more technology has become available that can add significant value to customers. The key to us is to make the adoption of these technologies as easy, and seamless, and as possible. In other words, our responsibility is to make those technologies work for the customer.”

His company recently announced  their planned entry into the residential battery storage market, through its new partnership with the European firm Sonnenbatterie.

Now they are planning to add a more efficient solar panel boasts 300 watts STC-DC per panel, instead of the standard 250 watts. This is useful for homeowners with smaller roofs, because these panels need 20% less roof space than lower efficiency alternatives.

“We are starting to brand all those different technologies (hardware, software & services) under one umbrella and call it the Sungevity Energy System,” said Graf.

The Energy Hub

One of the interesting parts is the energy hub, which is about the size of a hockey puck and connects wirelessly with your smart meter. It is now a basic component of new sales in California.

“This allows you to do real time energy consumption monitoring,” said Graf.

He pointed out that there is usually a great deal of talking before deals are closed, but that tends to end afterward.

“People talk about kilowatts produced and carbon emissions avoided but nobody really talks about savings realized.”

“There are competitors who provide similar energy consumption information, but I don’t know of any that are translating that consumption into a savings number.”

The hub feeds data to the internet, where you instantly can see the impact when you flip a light switch, or turn an appliance on or off.

Monthly Email

“We also deliver a monthly email, that summarizes your consumption information. Think of it like benchmarks, Like: ‘you are consuming 20% more energy a month.‘ Or you usually consume the most energy between 2 and 3 pm. We give this information to you, so you can be more energy smart.”
That is the kind of information that puts control in customer’s hands and motivates them to save money.