Tesla Round-up: Making Sense of the Powerwall Battery


Tesla has been making headlines with the unveiling of their new Powerwall storage system. Here’s a roundup of some of the more insightful stories we’ve seen.

Elon Musk: Tesla battery will ‘Fundamentally Change the Way the World Uses Energy’
EcoWatch reports on Elon Musk’s announcement, saying that the Powerwall for the home is just the beginning of the storage options Tesla will offer. The article explains how load shifting works, storing power collected during low-demand, low-cost times and discharging it on the other end.

Tesla’s $3,000 Powerwall will let households run entirely on solar energy
TechCrunch also reports on Musk’s introduction of Tesla Energy, the new venture geared toward energy independence and a renewable energy future. This article explores Telsa’s plan to enlist other companies to make the dream of clean, independent energy a reality.

Will Tesla’s Powerwall shake up the solar energy industry?
Tech Gen Mag looks at the practical application of the Powerwall. How will stored energy work? Can it be improved in the future to achieve energy independence? This article begins to explore these questions.

Elon Musk wants to revolutionize our energy system — with batteries
Vox takes this analysis a step further, exploring what it will take for the technology to become more readily available. This article discusses the financial and policy changes that will be necessary in addition to the technological ones.

Tesla’s home battery offering in context — pricing much lower than expected
CleanTechnica addresses concerns about the cost of the system.  While many have said that the price is a barrier to entry, this piece presents a strong argument to the contrary.

Tesla’s Powerwall Event: The 12 most important facts
Finally, Bloomberg offers a review of the battery announcement. Bloomberg reminds us what it is, how it works, how much it costs, and where we can go from here.