Upsolar receives third Solar Industry Award


Upsolar named a winner of the Solar Industry Awards for the third year in a row. The company received an award in the ‘Energy Usage Enabling’ for its smart module technology. 

Solar module maker Upsolar has been selected as a winner of the Solar Industry Awards. The company’s smart module technology was recognized for its performance and economic benefits in the ‘Energy Usage Enabling’ category.

Upsolar’s smart modules feature on-board power optimization technology from its partners SolarEdge and Tigo Energy. The embedded intelligence afforded through smart modules maximizes power output at the panel level to increase PV system design flexibility and overcome obstacles including varying tilts, multiple orientations, and partial shading. This enhanced power output offers customers a lower overall cost of system ownership and accelerated return on investment. Additionally, smart modules are supported by real-time monitoring, allowing system owners and operators greater transparency into their systems’ performance.

It’s the third year in a row for Upsolar to win a Solar Industry Awards. In 2012, Upsolar was recognized for its life cycle assessment (LCA) in the award’s ‘Industry Development’ category, and in 2011 the company took home top honors for its flexible manufacturing process in 2011 in the ‘Module Manufacturing Innovation’ category.

Zhe Jiang, CEO of Upsolar, commented: “Thanks to our flexible business model, we are able to keep an eye toward innovation and continually develop forward-thinking products—like smart modules—that align with customers’ evolving needs.”