Veterans Continue Making Headway in the Solar Workforce


Veterans make up roughly 10% of the solar workforce, and organizations like The Veteran Asset (TVA) are working to ensure that they continue to have the opportunity to get into this field. Ambassador Energy College has teamed up with TVA and currently employs an all-veteran installation crew in southern California. Another aspect of this partnership is the free training and certification Ambassador is providing.

The Entry Level Solar PV Design and Installation course is being offered at the Ambassador Energy College training facility in Murrieta, California. The weeklong class and exam are provided once a month at no cost to qualifying U.S. military veterans who are interviewed and selected by TVA Co-Founder, Lieutenant Colonel United States Marine Corps (Retired), Scott Duncan. In addition to the training, veterans are exposed to career opportunities through the placement efforts of TVA.

“At TVA,” Duncan said, “we are working with employers in the solar industry who understand the intrinsic value of hiring veterans. Our mission is to place them ‘front and center’ with these employers. At the end of the day, it is all about jobs for our veterans!”

Upon passing the exam on the final day of training, graduates receive achievement certificates from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). “NABCEP’s reputation for excellence has grown within the solar industry,” said Kelly Smith, President of Ambassador Energy College. “It continues to prove itself a valuable tool to assist employers in recognizing candidates’ skill levels and commitment to the industry.”

“We are so pleased to be a part of this effort,” Smith continued. “We have seen the industry grow and recognized a workforce that is struggling to keep up. As more and more United States military veterans are being released from service, it makes perfect sense that they reinvent themselves within an industry that needs their specific skill sets and discipline. Most of them have worked in uncomfortable conditions, demonstrate attention to detail, and follow orders without question. In my opinion, solar and military veterans are a match made in Heaven!”