WestGate Church Shows Compassion, Goes Solar to Donate Money


Vista Solar completes a 153 kW solar array for WestGate Church. WestGate will use the expected savings to help with its local compassion program, which gives away 50% of the church’s budget.

Places of worship have recently been adding solar left and right. With proper financing they are able to save money from day one, while also being good stewards of the earth. Joining this trend, WestGate Church has announced the completion of a 153 kW solar array built by Vista Solar.

The system is expected to offset WestGate’s electricity bill by nearly 95%, and generate more than 250,000 kWh of energy each year, the equivalent of powering approximately 24 homes. Vista Solar secured a $0-down, 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA), which allowed WestGate to be cash-flow positive from the start and is expected to save the church nearly $16,000 annually.

“Solar was a smart move for us financially, a no-brainer,” said Executive Pastor Dan Perkins of WestGate. “The savings we are realizing provides another way for us to help tip the scales toward generosity as we increase our bottom line.”

Savings generated by the solar system will help WestGate continue to run its annual “local compassion” program and pursue its goal to give away 50% of the church’s budget, according to Perkins.

As part of the PPA, Vista Solar will monitor the system for 15 years to ensure it is performing at or above expectations. Since the system sits on two pitched rooftops at the church’s San Jose, California facility, Vista Solar is using online monitoring software, enabling detailed visibility of both arrays from one platform while also providing system performance alerts.

“Vista Solar was an excellent partner,” said Perkins. “We were extremely impressed with their professionalism and efficiency. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering solar.”

The solar energy components for this system included SunPower X-Series solar panels, SMA Tri-Power inverters, Locus monitoring software, and a ProSolar racking solution.