Yeloha Launches Solar Sharing in New York


The last few years have seen a growing number of companies embrace the sharing economy. Airbnb and Uber are just two examples of the phenomenon. In the solar industry Yeloha offers a solar sharing model. And its popularity is growing. 

The company has been offering solar sharing to residents in Massachusetts and Vermont. Earlier this week, Yeloha expanded into the state of New York.

The concept of a sharing economy is a simple one. People rent out something they own but are currently not using. Yeloha brings this concept to solar by connecting residents who are unable to set up their own solar array with homeowners who are producing excess solar energy.

Yeloha’s Solar Sharing Network provides an open platform where solar developers can list their shared solar projects. Customers can then select the project and subscription option that best meets their needs, from pricing to duration to payment.

Yeloha’s software takes care of subscriber signup, energy credit allocations, billing and payments, customer support, and ongoing engagement. The platform was built to support the implementation of shared solar projects.

Yeloha Art 1To prepare for the expansion into the New York market, Yeloha created a street art experience in Washington Square Park in New York City. An artist spent the whole day creating a chalk board animation that introduced passersby to the concept of total solar accessibility, sunshine that virtually flows through any power outlets without solar panels on the roof.

Amit Rosner, CEO and Co-Founder of Yeloha, said, “We’re excited to expand Yeloha’s Solar Sharing Network to New York state. New York City represents what we’ve created Yeloha for: a beautiful concrete jungle with massive electricity consumption but little room for solar panels. We figured that if solar energy can travel 92.96 million miles to Earth, the sharing economy will help it go an extra couple of blocks to that basement apartment on 17th and 6th.”